The Hill Reports Lion Killer Donated to Romney; Twitter Asks Why That’s Relevant

PicMonkey Collage - CecilEver since Walter James Palmer was identified as the killer of famed Zimbabwe lion, Cecil, the Internet has let him have it. The Minnesota-based dentist claimed that he didn’t know he beheaded and skinned a famous animal, but that didn’t stop the online outrage, the condemnation from PETA, or the Yelp users who trashed his practice.

On Wednesday, The Hill published a blog about how Palmer is such an atrocious monster, that he once donated to the GOP.

The article reported that Federal Elections Commission forms show that Palmer donated $5,000 to Mitt Romney‘s 2012 campaign, and made two previous donations to former representative Jim Ramstad.

While this angle has largely gone unreported across the media, The Hill’s Twitter profile received numerous questions regarding what Palmer’s donations have to do with Cecil’s death:

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