Mitt Romney

Romney Criticizes Trump Over Report on Putin Meeting Records: ‘An Enormous Mistake’

Sen. Mitt Romney Calls on Steve King to Resign Over ‘Reprehensible’ Comments

GOP Sen. Blasts Romney for ‘Attempted Character Assassination of the President’: Like ‘Jeff Flake on Steroids’

Lou Dobbs Absolutely Loses it on ‘Snake’ Mitt Romney: ‘He’s a Traitor. He is Treasonous’

Republican Treatment of Romney Shows Trump is Very Likely to Still Be President at the End of 2019

Ronna McDaniel Explains Controversial Tweet Criticizing Her Uncle Mitt: ‘Nothing to Do With Family’

Lou Dobbs Calls Romney a ‘Treacherous Fool’: Can’t Believe the People of Utah ‘Elected This Creep’

Rick Wilson: Romney Said What Most Elected Republicans Think, But Don’t Say in Public

Fox News’ The Five Blasts Romney: ‘You’re Becoming a Scold Now!’

Rand Paul Tears Into Romney: If He Ran Against Trump He ‘Would Be Wiped Out’

Jake Tapper Confronts Mitt Romney Over Accepting Trump Endorsements: ‘Was That a Mistake?’

Romney Won’t Commit to Backing Trump in 2020: ‘I Want to See What the Alternatives Are’

Trump: Romney Would’ve Defeated Obama If He Fought Against Him ‘Like He Does Against Me’

The View Blasts Trump Criticism From ‘Shapeshifter’ Mitt Romney: Don’t Think He Has a ‘Real Moral Center’

Watch 50 Seconds of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Absolutely Destroying Each Other

Family Feud Between Ronna McDaniel and Mitt Romney Sends Shockwaves: He’s ‘Your Uncle!!!’

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Scolds Her Own Uncle Mitt Romney For Op-Ed Criticizing Trump: ‘Freshman Senator’

Trump Campaign Manager Ridiculed for Telling Mitt Romney ‘Jealously is a Drink Best Served Warm’

Trump Calls on Mitt Romney to ‘Be a Team Player’ in Response to Scathing Op-Ed

Incoming GOP Senator Mitt Romney Launches 2019 With Scathing Op-Ed Rebuking Trump

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