Mitt Romney

Will Mitt Romney be the Cato Republicans Need to Challenge Trump’s Caesar?

S.E. Cupp: ‘Pretty Darn Rich’ of Obama to Lament Current GOP After He Called Romney a ‘Bullsh*tter’ in 2012

Mitt Romney Burns Obama in Statement Condemning Trump For Putin Presser

Seth Rogen Says He Denied Paul Ryan a Photo in Front of His Kids: I Said ‘No Way Man!’

Trump Calls Mitt Romney a ‘Straight Shooter,’ Reporter Reminds Him ‘He Called You a Con Man’

Mitt Romney: President Trump Will Win Again in 2020

Candidate Romney Reevaluates Trump: Still No Role Model but ‘Exceeded Expectations’

Pastor Robert Jeffress Responds To Mitt Romney and Other Critics: ‘I’m Not a Bigot’

Mitt Romney Blasts ‘Religious Bigot’ Robert Jeffress For Jerusalem Embassy Prayer

Kimmel Unveils Trump’s Campaign Ad For Mitt Romney: ‘He’ll Stand Up To Me’

Jason Chaffetz Shills Again For Pal Romney: He Didn’t Even Ask For Trump’s Endorsement

Romney, Who Just Thanked Trump For His Support, Once Said He Wouldn’t Accept Trump’s Endorsement

Trump Endorses Mitt Romney For Utah Senate Race: ‘Will Make a Great Senator’

Matt Schlapp Swipes at Romney’s ‘Pathetic’ Senate Bid: ‘Learn How to Knit’ or Something

Jason Chaffetz Makes Comical Defense of Romney’s Utah Senate Run: ‘He’s Got a Utah Driver’s License’

Romney Announces Bid For Utah Senate: D.C. ‘Sends Immigrants a Message of Exclusion’

Fmr. Romney Adviser: ‘Highly Likely’ Mitt Will Run For Utah Senate

Romney Adds to Utah Senate Run Speculation by Changing His Twitter Location

Senator Romney? Twitter Flips Over Possible Mitt Run After Hatch Announcement

Meghan McCain Tears Into Bannon for Knocking Romney: ‘Take a Seat!’

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