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Cecil the Lion

Zimbabwe Declines to Prosecute Walter Palmer for Killing Cecil the Lion

Protesters Greet Cecil-Killing Dentist Upon His Return to Work

PeTA Made ‘Cecil’s Revenge’ Halloween Costume to Honor Cecil the Lion

You Can Now Buy a Cecil the Lion’s Killer Halloween Costume

Maher to Rich Hunters: Cut Out the Middleman and Go Bag a ‘Trophy Republican’

Delta Bans Use of Planes to Ship Animal Trophies Amid Cecil the Lion Outrage

American Hunter Pisses Off Internet with Photos of Exotic Kills

Chicken Gets $2,500 Prosthetic Leg and Better Health Coverage than You

Angry Callers Harass 80-Year-Old with Same Name as Cecil the Lion’s Killer

Killing of a Lion More Important Than Killing of a Black Man to Cable News

TMZ Tracks Down Marco Rubio to Ask Him About Cecil the Lion

Now Zimbabwe Wants U.S. to Extradite Cecil the Lion’s Killer for Trial

Zimbabwe Largely Indifferent About Cecil the Lion

Glenn Beck So Very Wrong For Attacking Kimmel on Cecil Killing; Here’s Why

Glenn Beck Finds It ‘Sick’ That Kimmel Choked Up Over Cecil the Lion

The Hill Reports Lion Killer Donated to Romney; Twitter Asks Why That’s Relevant

Dentist Who Killed Cecil the Lion Apologizes in Note to Patients

Must-See Late Night Clip: Kimmel Chokes Up Over Killing of Cecil the Lion

Dentist Who Shot Cecil the Lion Defends Trophy Kill: ‘I Had No Idea’

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