The Man Who Used ‘Schlonged’ Before Trump Did Speaks Out Because We Have Hit Rock Bottom


Because this election hasn’t been ridiculous enough already, Donald Trump said this week Hillary Clinton “got schlonged” by President Obama in 2008. Naturally, people found it a little weird Trump would use that particular, uncommonly-used, kinda sexist word, but Trump has a message for the haters who just don’t get it:

Exactly! Just because the word “schlong” is Yiddish for “penis” doesn’t mean there’s anything vulgar about it!

And to back himself up, Trump offered up this citation:

Well, guess what.

That’s right, former NPR host Neal Conan actually spoke out today about his use of the word “schlonged” and whether its origins are vulgar and good God we’ve hit rock bottom.

Conan had said a few years ago the 1984 Democratic presidential ticket––Walter Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro got “schlonged” at the polls. So when The Washington Post asked whether it has a vulgar meaning, he said, “If you were schlonged, you were completely defeated. I accept that it has a vulgar context to it.”

Yes, he said, it concerns a man’s junk, admitting when he used that word on the air a few years ago, the EP wasn’t exactly happy about it.

As for Trump’s use of it, this is Conan’s take:

No, I don’t think we should evaluate every remark in a vacuum. I think we have to put Mr. Trump’s remarks in the context of Mr. Trump’s remarks — his history of crude and misogynistic terminology. I don’t think this is out of that pattern. If you look at the pattern of my usage in thousands of episodes of “Talk of the Nation,” I think you’ll find this is anomalous.

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