‘The Most Insulting Thing!’: Media and Race on the Table As CNN Panel Argues Trump’s Big Win


screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-8-36-39-amWith the wounds still undoubtedly fresh for many people in this country regarding the shocking upset victory by President-elect Donald Trump, the cable news debates have stayed heated. Last night on CNN, Don Lemon moderated a bi-partisan panel that featured liberal New York Times columnist Charles Blow and Andy Dean, a supporter of the soon-to-be-Commander in Chief.

Lemon intro’d the quickly-viral clip that emerged out of CNN on Election night featuring Van Jones identifying the results of the race as “white-lash,” a take that Dean denied.

“The American people were looking for jobs last night, so they picked an outsider,” said Dean on Wednesday night. “This obsession with race, I get it, it’s a media thing,” he continued.

But Charles Blow, who was one of the voices on the program to express both his disbelief as well as his concern over a Trump presidency, shot back, “I don’t know what walk of life you have to be in to think race is a media fascination.”

“I happen to live in this skin and have been doing that for 46 years,” Blow continued. “And let me tell you something — this has nothing to do with media… this concept that we are creating or somehow luxuriating in a race obsession that is great for us because we feel good about it is the most insulting thing that I could ever hear!”

Andy Dean only managed in response, “That was a stretch.”

Watch above via CNN.

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