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The Young Turks’ Ana Kasparian Advises Clinton: ‘If You’re a Bitch … Own It!’

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-2-46-52-pmYesterday, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian of The Young Turks praised New Hampshire senatorial candidate Maggie Hassan for releasing an ad that blasted her opponent, Kelly Ayotte, for calling Donald Trump a good role model for kids.

Their main point was that few politicians on the left ever truly go after their opponents on the right.

“Finally the Democratic party in [New Hampshire] is headed in the right direction … by tying [Ayotte] to what they’re calling the ‘Party of Trump.’ Now, I know Democrats want to do this,” Uygur said, “but god, they’re always so soft!”

Yes,” chimed in an exasperated-sounding Kasparian.

Uygur continued, “For god’s sake, don’t hesitate. Don’t stumble. Don’t stutter. Just do it! Do it! Is the Repulican party the party of Trump? Of course it is! He’s their leader! He’s running for President! … You’re the party that created Trump. All your voters like Trump; that’s why they picked him. You are the party that is for racism against Mexicans, Muslims, bigotry — all these things. You’re the party that selected a guy who is a totally incompetent loser that bankrupted all of his companies. That’s who you are. That’s who you are! Own it! Own it! Make them own it! Rub their face in it!”

Kasparian said that Democratic weakness in pointing out opponents’ flaws has been an issue for a while because “they want to be above it all, they don’t want to hit below the belt, they don’t want to do, you know, scandalous attacks…”

She then turned her attention to Hillary Clinton, mentioning that — as she told Mediaite earlier this year — while she’s no big Clinton fan, she is going to vote for and support the candidate the left has.

“My biggest issue with her is that she won’t keep it real, okay? She won’t keep it real in terms of who she is. Do I want her to be softer? No. Do I want her to be more presidential? Actually, no, I don’t. What I want her to do is be unapologetic when she attacks Donald Trump, when she attacks his supporters. When she calls them deplorable, don’t turn around and apologize. Go out there! If you’re — I hesitate to use this word and I don’t use it in a disparaging way. I actually think it’s a positive word, okay? I refer to myself as this all of the time — if you are a bitch when it comes to certain things, own it! Own it and come forward! Be like, ‘Yeah, that’s right: I’m a bitch!'”

Watch the entire thing above.

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