There Is a Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan Rock Opera Coming to New York

tonya nancyAny junkies for ice-skating scandals are going to be excited to hear that this is a thing — the saga of Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding is being turned into the rock opera it deserves. Tonya & Nancy: The Rock Opera is coming to New York and will premiere at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in July. But if you don’t live in New York, why would I write about this?

Because this is a “darkly musical comedy” rock opera “in the style of Queen meets the Trans-Siberian Orchestra” about a decades-old Olympic ice-skating scandal that continues to capture the attention of the globe. That is insane and wonderful and it’s about damn time it willed its way into existence!

What is Tonya Harding if she’s not a diva? And what is a diva without her opera? And what is proper white trash like Harding without rock ‘n roll? This is beautiful and perfect, and you’re just upset that you didn’t think of it first.

Look at these reviews:

“It’s like Black Swan on ice…”

“… lives up to the madness.”

“Michael Teoli and Elizabeth Searle have done what any smart writer does when dealing with truth that is stranger than fiction: write a rock opera about it.”

Are you in? Because I’m in. Who’s bringing the tire iron?

[h/t Broadway World]
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