Was There a Bench Warrant Out for Walter Scott?


UPDATE — 1:30 p.m. ET: The Associated Press report on the absence of a bench warrant out for Walter Scott has been contradicted by NBC News, which claims to have obtained court documents showing the following:

Scott owed a total of $18,104 in back child-support, the documents obtained by NBC News show. His last payment was on July 20, 2012, according to the paperwork. The bench warrant for his arrest had been active since a January 16, 2013, court hearing. At that time, Scott had owed $7,836 — but the amount had increased to more than $18,000 at the time of his death.

Fox News reporter John Roberts had the same information before NBC published it:

We have contacted the Associated Press to ask whether they will correct their item.

The Associated Press reported on Friday that while Scott owed $7,500 in back payments for child support, there was no bench warrant issued for his arrest at the time of his death. Officer Slager fatally shot Scott in the back as the latter ran away after an alleged scuffle in North Charleston, S.C.

More from the report:

Scott had been in jail three times over child support. In 2008, after a traffic stop in which he was charged with an open-container violation and driving under suspension, he was sent to jail in Charleston for six months for failing to pay about $6,800.

In 2011, bench warrants ordered deputies to bring him in, and Scott spent a night in jail when he was $7,500 behind. In 2012, he spent another night in jail when he owed $3,500.

His last payment was reportedly made in 2012.

Scott’s parents, Walter Sr. and Judy, told The Today Show on Wednesday that their son may have fled the officer because he did not want to be arrested for missing his payments. It’s unclear whether the deceased knew there was no warrant for his arrest when he attempted to flee.

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