‘This is Better Than SNL!’: CNN’s Don Lemon Can’t Contain His Laughter During Wall Discussion

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Sean Spicer‘s heated exchange with Breitbart’s Charlie Spiering over border walls/fencing apparently tickled Don Lemon on Wednesday’s CNN Tonight, as the anchor laughed both before and after a clip of the argument between the two.

“This is better than SNL!” Lemon exclaimed after watching the footage of Spicer and Spiering.

The host turned to CNN editor Chris Cillizza during the segment. Lemon chuckled a bit as he zeroed in on “something we saw today at the White House briefing room…similar, a little bit to what we saw yesterday, but this one was even.”

Before the anchor could complete his thought, Cillizza made a pun on the White House press secretary’s name: “Spicier, if you will.”

Lemon then played the clip of the back and forth between Spicer and the Breitbart correspondent, which lasted nearly two minutes.

The CNN host’s full laughter emerged immediately after the snippet, at which point he dropped his SNL comparison. The discussion then turned more substantive, but the laughter stood out.

The relevant portion of the segment can be watched above, from Wednesday’s CNN Tonight.

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