This Juicer Costs $400, But Your Hands Apparently Work Just as Well


If you’ve gotten into the juicing craze at all, you’ve probably heard talk of the Juicero, which was described as being the “Keurig of juicers.” Once you bought the juicer, you could buy juice packs. Each pack contains multiple ingredients to make a single juice. All of the ingredients are organic, already chopped, and are delivered to your home, so juicing is easy. The juicer costs $399, and each pack of juice is around $8, which is pretty comparable to a cold-pressed juice from a juice bar. But, you can make these in your own home.

The startup has raised $120 million, and the juicer boasts 4 tons of potential pressing force according to its website. The problem is, according to a Bloomberg report, two investors say that despite the pressure it says it has, you can squeeze the packs with your hands for pretty much the same result.

While Juicero didn’t comment to Bloomberg, one person close to the company told them that using the juicer is better because it’s less messy, and also because each bag has a QR code, and if any of the ingredients have expired or have been recalled, the user will be alerted. Of course, if you want to know whether the ingredients have expired, you can just read the expiration date on the pack.

The one catch is that the only way to get your hands on the packs is to own a juicer, so if you were planning to skip the purchase and get the juice anyway, that’s not possible at this point.

For the full report, head over to Bloomberg.


[image via AnjelikaGr/Shutterstock]

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