Three Brothers Arrested After Three Missing Women Found Alive In Ohio

After a harrowing ordeal that last for about a decade, three missing women — Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight — were found alive in Ohio. In an additional development, three brothers have been arrested in connection to their disappearance.

According to Columbus’ 10TV, one of the women identified Ariel Castro, 52, as one of the captors. He lived in the home where the women were held. Police have also arrested his 50- and 54-year-old brothers. They are expected to be charged within 36 hours.

Berry called 911 on Monday, telling police she had been kidnapped 10 years ago. DeJesus and Knight were in the home with her. Cleveland resident Charles Ramsey helped the women when he heard Berry “going nuts, trying to get out of this house.” All three are said to be in good health.

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