Today’s Worst News Ledes: 7/27/09


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News reporters like to catch readers’ attention with a few zingy lines at the start of an article. Sometimes, these so-called “ledes” go horribly wrong. In Today’s Worst News Ledes, we highlight some of the biggest offenders:

3. From Fox News, “Web Geeks Get Set for War with AT&T“:

On one side: the mighty corporate colossus AT&T. On the other: the innumerable geeks of 4chan, the lewd and crude “imageboard” where some of the Web’s most enduring jokes, as well as some of its most devious attacks, have been created.

The ironic thing is that it’s not either party’s fault. 4chan was apparently hit by a cyberattack, and AT&T may just be trying to protect itself.

Some of the Web’s most enduring jokes, as well as some of its most devious attacks” is a weirdly uplifting contrast. It sounds like something from an Oscar lifetime achievement video, which is funny because 4chan is a scary site indeed. The LOLCats pictures all of these writeups have do not even begin to scratch the surface…

2. From CNN (via, “Are more women OK with watching porn?“:

Personally, I like my pizza deliveryman to do one thing: bring me my dinner. But mention this guy to a group of women, and, while most of us will think of cheesy pies with tomato sauce, a good number of us will conjure up that hilariously bad porn cliché, the randy fellow who’s always ready to accept sex in exchange for a medium sausage and mushroom.

Notwithstanding how lame the cliché is, or how simply bad most porn is (and after ten years as a professional reviewer of the stuff, I can report that much of it is very bad), the fact is, millions of women use and enjoy “explicit sexual imagery.”

What’s perhaps more surprising, given the latest scientific research, is that more of us don’t.

Violet Blue, who wrote this here article, is occasionally very good, but this one feels like a bit of a check-casher. Has pizza guy porn ever actually existed, except as a reference to bad cliché wacky porn?

1. From Examiner, “G-Force set to take Pet Stores by Storm“:

What is it about movies that make some people rush to their local pet store? Shortly after “Marley & Me” – the family hit movie about a man and his lovable but destructive yellow lab – opened, there was a rush on Labrador adoptions. Back then, Kim Knoch, who helps run a statewide rescue group, Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida noted, “It’s going to be the “101 Dalmatians” all over again,” referring to the rush on Dalmatians after the 1996 movie came out. After “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” – well, need I spell it out?

Is any of this actually true? –Ed.

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