Tomi Lahren Thinks Your Lousy, Liberal Parenting is to Blame For Your Kids Eating Tide Pods


Okay, Tomi Lahren. We get you’re a conservative. Like, a mondo militant conservative. But not everything is liberals’ fault. This includes — and I don’t believe I’m saying this — the Tide Pod Challenge.

Lahren said during Final Thoughts that the Tide Pod Challenge – which involves teens daring themselves to eat Tide Pods and…I dunno, not die? – is “what happens when kids aren’t taught boundaries, respect, consequences, or illogic.”

“Parents nowadays are taught to live and let live, just go with the flow, let your teens express themselves,” she said. “But this modern, loosey-goosey, method of parenting doesn’t teach kids right from wrong or sane from insane.”

So let’s recap for just a hot second: Tomi Lahren believes that teenagers – who have been among God’s dumbest creatures since the beginning of time – are eating laundry detergent because their parents aren’t doing enough to teach them good morals and values. It’s not that they’re simply, I don’t know, among God’s dumbest creatures since the beginning of time or anything. Nope. It’s all the libs’ fault for turning their kids into chemical-ingesting degenerates. Because “chemical-ingesting degenerate” never described any teen, Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, ever before.

Lahren continued that this kind of laissez-faire parenting creates “wild animals who think they can do whatever the heck they want and get away with it.” Yeah, I can hear it now: Take THAT, Mom and Dad! I sent myself to the hospital by poisoning myself! That’ll show you to let me be all liberal! 

What was that about insane again, Tomi? Glass houses, mayhaps?

Watch above, via Fox News

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