Trump Inexplicably Likes Tweet Bashing His Poor Spelling: ‘He’s Just Not Presidential Material’

President Donald Trump and his advisers spend a great deal of time praising his unprecedented ability to reach the American people directly through his very active Twitter account — but the president’s wield over the platform is far from masterful.

That was evidenced again on Friday: Trump first tweeted (and then deleted) a message for Texas in which he AGAIN misspelled “heel”:

And shortly after — as flagged by David Itzkoff — Trump liked a tweet bashing him for his poor spelling:

“He’s just not presidential material,” the tweet from a user with the handle @sheba418 read.

For now, that tweet from an otherwise obscure user is one of Trump’s only 14 likes on the social media platform. @sheba418 joins the ranks of Don Jr., Fox & Friends, Ivanka Trump and some guy bashing Karl Rove in 2013.

[image via screengrab]

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