Trump Mocks Carson’s Stabbing Story, Says Iowans are ‘Stupid’ to Believe His ‘Crap’


So, in about one minute of his speech last night, Donald Trump managed call Iowans “stupid,” continued to tear apart Ben Carson‘s life stories, and played up his role as the front-running entertainer.

Trump had several choice moments during his campaign speech in Iowa last night, such as how CNN noted that he said Marco Rubio is as “weak as a baby,” and promising that he would “bomb the sh*t out of ISIS” as president. Nonetheless, perhaps Trump’s most memorable moment came as he aggressively mocked Carson by continuing to bash the life stories about how he found faith and turned his life around.

“He lunged that knife into the stomach of his friend, but, lo and behold! It hit the belt,” Trump said before mockingly saying “give me a break.”

After that, Trump stepped away from the podium, and mimicked for the crowd what it would be like if someone tried to stab him in the belt buckle the way Carson described. “It’s going in because the belt moves this way. It moves this way, it moves that way,” Trump said as he jerked his belt around, and then sarcastically challenged someone to see if the same thing would happen if they tried it on him.

“Want to try it on me? Believe me, it ain’t gonna work,” said Trump. “How stupid are the people of Iowa, how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap?”

As the Washington Post reported, Trump continued from there to call Carson a “sick puppy” and sunk his teeth further into how Carson’s pathological behavior from his youth is as incurable as those of child molesters.

Of course, this is hardly the first time Trump questioned the intelligence of voters, especially those in favor of Carson in Iowa.

Watch in the video above, via MSNBC:

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