Trump Warmup Act Joe Arpaio Offers Hillary Clinton ‘Free Pair of Pink Underwear’


There may be plenty of dull people, but there’s never a dull moment at a Donald Trump rally. On the eve of the Nevada Republican presidential caucuses, the GOP frontrunner is pulling out all the stops, including sending Maricopa County Sheriff and world-famous publicity troll Joe Arpaio out as his opening act.

Although Trump’s own antics would shortly overshadow him, Sheriff Joe did not disappoint Trump fans who have become accustomed to getting drenched by the political equivalent of Gallagher‘s sledgehammer act, as he took a creepily perverse shot at Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton:

I’ve had four presidential candidates visit me in the tents. Four! And they all lost. I tried to get Hillary down here, but she’s too smart. She won’t come to the tents. I’d even give her a free pair of pink underwear! You guys don’t probably know what I’m talking about. I guess most of you do, right?

In case you’re not familiar with Sheriff Joe’s act by now, the “tents” he’s referring to are the tent city jail he set up in 1993 to house overflow from the Maricopa County Jail. The pink underwear refers to a longstanding Arpaio kink whereby he forces all of his inmates to wear the soft-hued skivvies at all times. Diffrent strokes for different folks, I guess, but Sheriff Joe’s fetish led him all the way to the Supreme Court in 2013 when the high court declined to hear his appeal of a ruling that deemed the pink underwear “punishment without justification,” in a case that involved a mentally ill inmate:

Arpaio’s attorneys wanted the nation’s highest court to examine whether having pink boxers as part of the standard jail uniform can constitute punishment before a trial is held.

(Inmate Eric) Vogel had refused to get out of his street clothes after he was arrested in 2001 for investigation of assaulting an officer who was responding to a burglary call. A group of officers in the jail stripped Vogel and put him in pink underwear and other prison clothing as he shouted that he was being raped.

A lawyer for Vogel’s estate has said the officers didn’t sexually assault Vogel and that his client didn’t suffer injuries at the jail.

Arpaio’s offer of free pink underwear for Hillary, then, is at once an attempt to degrade her, and to imply that she should be in jail. That, or he’s just oversharing his personal spank bank.

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