‘Trump’s First Mistake’ — Ann Coulter Not Impressed by Potential Veep Mike Pence


Ann Coulter has been one of Donald Trump‘s most steadfast, vocal, and outspoken supporters. In fact, she avers that he has never made a mistake. Until now.

Responding to the breaking news Thursday afternoon that Trump will name Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate, Coulter wrote on Twitter that, if true, the selection would be “Trump’s first mistake.”

The governor was, she said, a “combo-platter of disaster.” She also blasted him in a statement on her Facebook page for his backing down from a controversial “religious liberty” bill last year, after it drew nationwide scrutiny.

On her Facebook page, she wrote in full:

I won’t believe it, until I hear it from the Trump’s mouth. Pence is the combo-platter of disaster. He’s all in for corporate America bringing in as many guest workers as they please to replace American workers, tried to sell the monster amnesty as a “compromise bill.” (How about this compromise: We start with a wall…) He also somehow managed to tick off both sides in gay marriage debate. After his state passed a law passed protecting Christians from having to participate in gay marriages, all hell broke loose. Pence thought to himself: ‘I have semi heading for me. Should I just stand here? Yes, I think I’ll just stand here!’ First, he allowed himself to be portrayed as a right-wing homophobic nut and then — just days later — he sold out to the left-wing activists, anyway.

Her nod to her own predictive power (“boy was I right”) is a reference to her column published Jul. 6, entitled “MY VP PREDICTION: TRUMP’S FIRST MISTAKE.”

She wrote:

My vice presidential prediction is: Trump is about to make his first mistake. I knew this would happen as soon as he hired campaign consultants, rather than relying on his gut. If these campaign consultants were any good, their first piece of advice to Trump would be, “Fire us immediately!”

Trump’s advisers are undoubtedly telling him he’s got the “outsider” image covered. He needs someone with experience in Washington — as if presidents don’t have staffs — an elected Republican official with solid standing in the GOP, preferably a sitting senator or governor, who will give the ticket gravitas and heft.

This is completely wrong. Trump isn’t a standard-issue GOP, trying to balance the ticket to get his party into power. He’s starting a new party! He’s just blown up the old GOP. Instead of a party for, by and of globalist plutocrats, the new Trumpian party is a party of Americans for America.

[…] The moment Trump chooses his vice presidential candidate, every person in the media will be handed a personalized crowbar to pry daylight between Trump and his nominee.

What do you say about Mr. Trump’s comment 19 years ago in an appearance on Howard Stern? Can we really trust our nuclear codes to a man who likes attractive women?

If Trump picks a typical Republican, the odds are better than even that his nominee will end up withdrawing in order to win the good opinion of The New York Times.

Both Pence and the other shortlister, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, were inadequate because of their past stances on immigration, she said.

“Gingrich lobbied for the instant legalization of illegals because his benefactor, superglue heiress Helen Krieble, needed cheap labor for her horse farm,” she wrote. And Pence wasn’t much better since his “big immigration initiative was mass legalization for cheap foreign workers if they went home first, with any employer request bringing them right back.”

“Trump doesn’t need a vice president from the party he’s just buried,” she concluded.

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