Twitter Protests Trump’s Win by Recirculating Melania’s Nudes


melania-trump-speechedited-650x403As Twitter users continue to voice their thoughts about Donald Trump winning the 2016 election, there have been quite a few shots taken at his wife Melania. Interestingly, it would seem that there’s been a recent uptick in people who have bashed the mogul’s wife by invoking the photos she took in her modeling days.

In the last few days, several Twitter users have shared Mrs. Trump’s nudes and risqué photographs, while saying that they prove she is unbefitting of the title of First Lady. It is unclear when this trend began, though GQ and The Sun recently promoted their articles pertaining to Melania Trump’s pictures:

We won’t post the soon-to-be-First Lady’s naked pictures here, but here are a few tweets to give you an idea of what’s been shared:

Of course, the trend has been getting a lot of blowback as well. People have argued that beyond the fact that Mrs. Trump was a model a lot longer than a political figure, there are much better ways to criticize her:

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