Twitter Reacts to Live PD Showing Undocumented Immigrants Busted Crossing Border on Live TV


During tonight’s broadcast of A&E’s LivePD, hosted by Mediaite founder Dan Abrams, undocumented immigrants were busted crossing the border live on the air by police in the border town of Mission, Texas.

The police officers asked the apprehended immigrants, who told the officers they came from Honduras and El Salvador, to remove their shoes. It was later explained this was so they couldn’t easily run away or use the shoelaces to harm themselves if they were feeling suicidal. We saw additional footage of the officers checking out the area to see if they could find additional migrants or anyone who may have helped the ones they encountered. (The immigrants were not wet though they had apparently crossed the Rio Grande.)

As the drama was unfolding on live television, viewers were asked to take to Twitter to comment on what they were witnessing. And due to today’s climate surrounding the issues of illegal immigration and a Mexican border wall, much of the discussion was naturally political in nature.

Watch the clip above, via A&E.

[image via screengrab]

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