Twitter Stunned By Trump Demanding Investigation Into FBI ‘Spying’ on Campaign: He’s ‘Finally Crossed The Red Line’


Clinging to an unsubstantiated claim that spies infiltrated his 2016 campaign, President Donald Trump tweeted out a demand that the Department of Justice get to the bottom of the matter.

The remark comes just after Trump said Friday that an “FBI representative” acted as a mole within his campaign, asserting that it happened “long before” Russian influence in the election made headlines.

Amplifying the spying allegations once again, Trump used the tweet on Sunday to single out the staff of the Obama administration as potential perpetrators.

Meanwhile reporters and political commentators on Twitter were stunned by the announcement, some even poking fun at the demand.

While Trump continues to spread the campaign spying stories, presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani already threw a bit of cold water on the claims recently, admitting that neither he nor Trump knew with certainty if anyone had infiltrated the campaign at all.

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