Twitter Users Reimagine the Colonial Era With #1776Trump

One good thing to be said about social media is the creativity it brings out in people. Sure, there are a lot of people who use it redundantly and unimaginably (see alsoHillary Clinton‘s deleted emails and associated spam accounts) but there are still plenty of tweeters who enjoy generating funny, unique content.

Games like HuffPo Comedy‘s “Stupor Tuesday” are great for those people and, as a result, are great for those of us who like reading the jokes they come up with. Here’s today’s prompt:

Here are some of the best submissions so far:

Donald Trump is obviously getting heaped on with today’s topic. Some of the heaping is very on-trend, too, and brings up specific moments from his campaign. Remember when he called an audience member his African-American? Well…

Others referenced more iconic Trump moments.

Go play and tell us what submissions you come up with.

[image via @DoctorNapalm1]

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