USA-Canada Hockey Delivers The Goods…On MSNBC

I have a terrible, terrible secret: I think I might be a hockey fan. And after tonight’s goosebumps-inducing USA/Canada hockey game, I don’t think I’m alone. In a game marked by a break-neck pace and a final two minutes that was full of “most exciting sports moment of 2010” candidates, the U.S. hockey team emerged victorious over Canada 5-3. But why was it on MSNBC?

Hopefully not because NBC thought more people wanted to watch Ice Dancing or tape-delayed skiing. TVByTheNumbers thinks it’s because NBC didn’t want to constantly break away from the action.

Smart move: this game was tailor-made for the ADD-addled sports fan, and is a shot in the arm for a game that’s the ugly step sister in the family of major American sports. Constant breakaways, tons of shots on goal, and a final two minutes where Canada had multiple chances to tie things up were the things that most people will remember about tonight. This may have been the most exciting sporting event of the year so far (keep in mind, the Super Bowl was a few weeks ago).

The game was so exciting, in fact, that TV announcer Mike Emrick Ed Olczyk (who did a great job of matching the excitement of the game note-for-note) referred to it as “tremendously tremendous.”

If you missed the game, check out our clip below: it’s incredibly incredible.

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