WATCH: Anthony Weiner’s Cringeworthy Attempt at Jamaican Accent During Parade

New York City held its annual West Indian Day Parade on Monday, and, of course, Anthony Weiner was there. And the man, the myth, the Carlos Danger, appears to be going out with a bang, not a whimper, as he appeared on a giant campaign float waving to voters in the crowd, and then proceeding to call out to people using what can only be described as a white man’s attempt at a Jamaican accent. (That’s not to say it can’t be done.)

The New York Daily News captured a moment from the parade when Weiner shouted from atop his float, “Anybody here from Jamaica? Anybody here from Barbados? Anybody here from Guyana?” These were all punctuated by Weiner attempting a Jamaican accent.

It was at that point he basically gave up and shouted, “Anybody here from Staten Island?”

Watch the video below, via NYDN:

There’s also another video that the Daily News captured, appearing to show Weiner giving a shout-out to the NYPD, which didn’t appear to be that well-received. That video is below:


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