Watch: Gay Veteran Confronts Mitt Romney About His Views On Same-Sex Marriage

While in New Hampshire today, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney found himself having to explain to a gay veteran why it is, exactly, that he wants to repeal his marriage. Vietnam vet Bob Garon sat beside Romney and asked the former governor of Massachusetts clarify his views on same-sex marriage in New Hampshire. Romney replied that he supports the repeal of the state’s 2010 law allowing gay couples to marry, adding that he believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

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“Ok. That means that if you’re in the White House,” Garon responded, “you will not support any form of legislation that would change that so that servicemen would be entitled to benefits like a man and a woman would. If two men get married, apparently a veteran’s spouse would not be entitled to any burial benefits or medical benefits or anything that the serviceman has devoted his time and effort to his country. And you just don’t support equality in terms of same-sex marriage.”

The exchange was understandably tense, although Garon shared with the candidate that he appreciated his answer. “You have to look a man in the eye to get a good answer.”

“Good luck,” he told Romney as his handlers were prepared to lead him away. “You’re going to need it.”

Romney didn’t disagree.

Have a look at their exchange, below:

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