Watch Joe Buck Recall the Time He Announced a Brett Favre Touchdown While, Um, Relieving Himself

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-9-49-48-am-1The year was 1994. Joe Buck, then just 25 years old, was already calling NFL games for Fox. One Sunday while calling a Green Bay Packers game, Buck needed to use the bathroom. But the first half just wouldn’t end.

And Buck had to go.

So he went.

During an apperance on the Dave Dameshek Football Program, FOX’s lead NFL play-by-play man recalled the time he used a trash can to relieve himself while he was on the air. And at the precise moment he did it, Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass.

“I start (going) with like 10 seconds left coming back. And we came right back from break, and the first play from after the timeout, now I’m going, and then, bango,” Buck said — with “bango” referring to the immediate touchdown.

The show played back the footage from the game. Buck’s call sounded perfectly natural.

“In the flat, it’s Sharpe. Touchdown Packers!”

No one, apparently, was any the wiser. Watch above, via the NFL Network.

[image via screengrab]

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