Watch: ‘Pro-Life’ Kellyanne Conway Once Threatened to Perform Abortion on Feminists ‘With a Gun’


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway has always maintained that she’s pro-life, which she has chosen to demonstrate recently by lying about late-term abortions. During a Fox News interview Monday afternoon, Conway falsely accused Gov. Ralph Northam of supporting “infanticide,” and repeated the lie during a gaggle with reporters shortly thereafter.

But Conway’s respect and reverence for life were nowhere to be found in 2007, when she joked that she would perform an abortion “with a gun” the next time she heard something she didn’t like from “those gender studies people.”

During a July 13, 2007 speech to the College Republican National Committee, video of which is currently not available on C-Span, Conway riffed at length on the focus of “gender studies feminists” on the issue of abortion, “as if it’s a number one issue with normal women.”

Then, she made her ghoulish wisecrack.

“I always love to say to those gender studies people,” Conway said, “if you say ‘abortion’ or ‘stem cells’ or ‘guns’ one more time, I’m going to perform one of those on you because, with a gun, because you, by implication, are suggesting that women can’t do the math.”

The premise of Conway’s “joke” appears to be that women who prioritize reproductive health should be shot through the uterus at an unspecified angle, terminating the pregnancy, and presumably not leaving the woman in great shape, either. Neither result seems very conducive to “life.”

Governor Northam, on the other hand, described a scenario in which a distressed infant is delivered, resuscitated, and then decisions about the child’s medical care were left to the parents and the doctor. He was not describing an abortion or “infanticide.”

Watch Conway’s full speech above, via C-Span.

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