WATCH: Protestors Swarm Hamburg, Clash With Police Following Trump Arrival

The protest was billed as “G-20: Welcome to hell.”

And it indeed has gotten ugly quickly.

Protestors have swarmed the streets of Germany in the hours following President Donald Trump‘s arrival to the country. Authorities have clashed with protestors, firing water into the crowds. Smoke was also visible in many places, and protestors were taken down to the ground.

The protests are taking place on day in advance of the G-20 summit in which world leaders are set to converge on the nation.

Police anticipated that they would clash with the protestors. Keir Simmons of MSNBC reported earlier than more than 20,000 German police were mobilized in the area around the protest. Local merchants were said to have boarded up storefront windows, expecting the scene to be chaotic.

Simmons narrated a dramatic moment in which a protestor stood directly in front of a water cannon. Police quickly stepped in to remove the protestor from the scene.

Watch above via MSNBC.

[featured image via screengrab]


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