Watch This High School Basketball Ref Lose His Toupee in Truly Hilarious Fashion

It would figure to be difficult for a toupee to withstand the rigors of basketball officiating. A ref, after all, has to run up-and-down the court all game. And they occasionally make contact with the players.

This toupee, sadly, was not up to the task.

In a video shared by Kentucky Sports Radio, a high school referee working a game in Hopkins County, KY suffered a toupee malfunction when a wayward pass hit him in the noggin.

The ref, ever so casually, tried to pick his hairpiece up off the court and put it back on his head without anyone being the wiser. But several players on one of the team benches promptly noticed, and they can be seen cracking up over the unfortunate accident.

One of the players patted the ref on the back in consolation. Kudos to that ref. He put the toupee, and got right back to the game.

Watch above, via Kentucky Sports Radio.

[featured image via screengrab]


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