Watch This Hilarious Video Of ‘Antifa’ Leftist ‘Self-Defense’ Training Course


In the event that business’ windows, parked cars, and Ann Coulter eventually start to fight back, a group of “Antifa” activists have decided to start training.

In this heated political climate, supposedly sparked by the Trump presidential victory, a bunch of white guys in Chicago have started a self-defense course to fight against the “history of white supremacy”.

And from the looks of it, radical, right-wing, fascist, Nazi, Trump supporters have nothing to worry about.

An Antifa group in Chicago known as the “Haymaker Collective” recently began raising money on Indiegogo for an “anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist” “self-defense gym”, according to Heat Street.

According to their Indiegogo page, the group envisions “a space where people, regardless of ability, can learn the skills they need to stay safe in Trump’s America.” They are seeking to “create a space where femmes and people of color can train to strike back.”

“Haymaker is an autonomous gym that is starting up in Chicago”, said one guy with a pony tail. “The aim is to establish more networks of self-defense.”

“We’re trying to develop self-defense skills in a political climate that is increasingly violent, especially towards marginalized people, people who are not in power, the poor, the oppressed”, said another man.

The goal is to take on the “rising nature of fascism in this country.”

One man, who apparently believes all the fake hate crime stories that have come out following the 2016 election, said that “we need to develop these skills, especially as the violence against us, the violence against marginalized people is only escalating under Trump.”

Antifa says that this self-defense training is designed to provide an alternative to the “hetero-normative, masculine gym culture”. And it appears to certainly be an alternative to hetero-normalcy and masculinity.

“A lot of people think that when you learn how to fight it’s all about being aggressive and learning about how to go start fights with people. That’s not what we’re about at all,” said another trainee.

And of course, in the interest of inclusion, “everyone is welcome except police and people who are affiliated with strong right-wing groups.”

Watch above, via Unicorn Riot.

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