WATCH: Tucker Carlson Doubles Down on Widely Panned Comments Questioning Whether ‘Diversity is Our Strength’


On Monday night, Tucker Carlson stood firm as he responded to the outrage he prompted last week by questioning whether diversity makes America stronger.

Carlson defended himself by saying the question was long overdue, all while swatting away the critics who accused him of racism. According to the Fox News host, leftist accusations of racism are a “tactic” rather than an actual response to his remarks, and he insisted the liberal “elites” are just using diversity as a concept to spread sociopolitical discord for their own gain.

“None of this is about race at all. They’re trying to silence us because they don’t want to answer the question. They don’t want to answer it because they don’t have an answer to it…You’d think our elites would be staying up late thinking about that. They’re not. They haven’t given it a thought and they don’t want you to give it a thought either. ‘Diversity is our strength’ they shout. Its an inadequate response from inadequate leadership class. Meanwhile, they fan the flames of mindless tribalism. Division helps them maintain power even as it destroys our country. They have no interest in national unity, they have no interest in the nation state itself, actually, that’s a barrier to their advancement.”

Carlson insists that none of his critics have answered his question because they’d rather fling racist allegations against him. Well, does this answer Carlson’s question?

What about this?

Or this?

Watch above, via Fox News.

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