Upstate NY Grocery Chain Wegmans Pulls Alec Baldwin Ads After Customer Complaints

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin‘s commercials for Upstate New York regional supermarket powerhouse Wegmans have been pulled after customer complaints.

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Baldwin’s promotional spot for Wegmans was inspired by an anecdote he had told David Letterman on The Late Show about his mom never wanting to leave Syracuse because she would miss Wegmans. “And leave Wegmans?” he joked.

According to Rochester’s ABC-13:

Wegmans planned to run the holiday-themed Baldwin commercials for a few weeks over the last holiday season. Wegmans said customers began complaining about the ads after the American Airlines incident.

“We did get customer complaints because it was all timed with the incidents,” said spokeswoman Jo Natale. “We always listen to customers. We didn’t get hundreds of complaints, but a few dozen.”

As a fervid Wegmans fan and fellow Upstate New Yorker, born-and-raised, this shall not stand! I can’t believe Baldwin’s heartfelt ad had to come down because a few people were upset he was kicked off a plane. Everyone makes mistakes; come on, Wegmans, please reconsider.

Watch the Letterman anecdote that inspired the ad and the original commercial below:

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