‘What a Shitty, Shitty Tweet’: Fox Takes Heat Over ‘Dishonest’ Graphic on Trump’s Job Numbers



Fox News put out a couple of news graphics on Twitter today, and it would seem that a a lot of people are not impressed by the “stupid” and “egregiously dishonest” messaging they were trying to convey.

The network tweeted several graphics on Saturday where they compared President Donald Trump‘s economic growth and job numbers to the first 100 days of past presidents:

Typically, the job numbers and economic effect of a new presidency are difficult to determine in the first three months, due to the ongoing impact of policies from the previous administration. It is also prudent to note that former president Barack Obama took office while the global economy was facing major decline due to the effects of the Great Recession.

In any case, Fox’s tweets got plenty of notice, and people were not happy with what they were presenting:

From our own Jon Levine:

Even Fox’s own Julie Roginsky pointed out the element of fallacy:

Multiple economic reports have noted that that America’s gross domestic product saw a growth rate 0.7% in the first quarter, the slowest pace it has seen in three years.

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