‘What a Train Wreck’: Twitter Skewers Trump Spokeswoman Over Interview on ‘Mexican’ Judge


Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.55.42 AMIf Twitter activity is an indication of the public mood, it seems that a lot of online news viewers aren’t showing any mercy for Donald Trump‘s surrogates as they tie themselves in knots to defend him.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning, and she was questioned by Brooke Baldwin over Trump’s persistence on attacking Judge Gonzalo Curiel for his Mexican ancestry. Baldwin wondered if it was about time the mogul apologized to the judge overseeing the lawsuit against Trump University. Sanders, however,  seemed to spin away from the topic instead promising Trump will win the presidency.

Baldwin also asked Sanders to respond to those saying that Trump’s comments are harming the GOP’s standing among Hispanics and Latinos. Sanders insisted that they would eventually get on board with Trump over his economic and national security stances, and she proceeded to defend Trump over several of his policy flip-flops.

Unfortunately for Sanders, a great deal of people seem unimpressed that Trump’s spokespeople are continually resorting to deflections and rehashes of old excuses. Senior press representative Healy Baumgardner has been taken to task on this point for the last several days, and today, it seems that its Sanders’ turn:

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