Who Is Writing Sarah Palin’s Facebook Notes?


Sarah Palin posted her latest Facebook missive yesterday, and it was a doozy. Titled ‘Less Talkin’, More Kickin’ Palin went on at length about all the ways in which President Obama has mishandled the BP Oil crisis (side note: if Palin ever publishes these notes in book form may we suggest the title ‘The Audacity of Sarah Palin’s Facebook Page’). And I mean at length. The ‘note’ was nearly 1250 words long. Moreover it was packed with numerous talking points, and statistics, and the sort of impressive language one does not necessarily associate with Sarah Palin.

We’ve noted before that if Palin has people working for her in an advisory capacity she is mum about it. Currently she doesn’t even have an official spokesperson. All of which begs the question: who is writing Sarah Palin’s Facebook notes?

From time to time once could believe it is Palin, herself. But when notes like yesterday’s — and these long missives are getting more frequent — pop up, it’s hard to suspend the disbelief long enough to envision Palin (or really, most politicians) just casually spending an afternoon in Wasilla composing it of her own accord. So who is doing the dirty, smart, and incredibly influential work?

The most likely candidate is obviously fellow Fox News contributor Karl Rove. From Bush’s brain to Palin’s! It doesn’t seem like such a far-fetched theory. But there could be others. Since we lack a direct view into Palin’s study we thought we’d put it to a poll and see what you think.

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