Widow Tries to Retrieve Her Husband’s Apple ID Password; Apple Says Try the Court Order App

Widow Tries to Retrieve Husband’s Apple ID Password; Apple Says No 

We all know the frustrations associated with Apple products; with a never-ending mess of passwords and usernames and devices linked through the iCloud, it can be hard to manage for even the most astute technological user. Add on top the encyclopedic User Agreement and suddenly Apple operates a language all its own.

So it’s not hard to understand the frustrations surrounding the story of Peggy Bush, a Canadian widow who tried unsuccessfully to access her husband’s Apple ID on their shared iPad. The reason the 72-year-old was trying to use her Apple product was to “download a card game,” according to her daughter, Donna Bush. Unfortunately the fix isn’t as easy as saddling up to the Genius Bar at the nearest Apple Store.

Instead, the tech giant simply ruled that Bush would have to casually get a court order to retrieve the password.

“I could get pensions, I could get benefits, I could get all kinds of things. But from Apple, I couldn’t even get a silly little password? It just seemed nonsense,” said Peggy Bush.

Donna Bush reported that she had tried countless times to contact the company and explain the situation to no avail. She even had to provide Apple with serial numbers, the will of her late father, and a notarized death certificate. Even then, a court order was the mandate from Apple.

Eventually, it took a news outlet to reach out to Apple directly to resolve the long-standing situation. Apple would not provide a statement regarding its policy. Watch the above video from CBC News.

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