Wired Mocks Peter Thiel With Groveling Praise-Laden Article


hogan thiel gawkerIn response to the news that Peter Thiel has been covertly funding Hulk Hogan‘s lawsuit against Gawker MediaWired has mocked the tech titan with a fawning, obsequious column, which bends over backwards to promise to never ever ever do anything that might alienate him.

The venture capitalist, Brian Raftery writes, “put the ‘pal’ in PayPal, the ‘Friend’ in Friendster, and the ‘ace’ in Facebook! A++++ Peter Thiel service, would definitely Peter Thiel again!”

Peter Thiel! Love that guy. Who wouldn’t? What a fine, fine fella. Just look at those eyes—talk about a chilling effect!

If you don’t know who Peter Thiel is, set your swoon-sockets to Stun, because Peter Thiel is the best—just an awesome, handsome, awesome guy—and we would never want to give the impression that we think otherwise.

Gawker, for their part, has published their own list of reasons why Thiel has opened a can of massive litigation on the company.

Gawker argues that contrary to Thiel’s claim that the company engages in bullying on a personal level (Gawker outed him in a 2007 article entitled “Peter Thiel Is Totally Gay, People”), the outlet’s coverage of him that appeared in the Gawker site Valleywag (and later Gizmodo)”largely concern[s] his professional life: Business ventures, political positions, and public statements.”

“It was this persistent, nagging coverage—totally alien to a new billionaire class that had only known access-driven cheerleading from the likes of TechCrunch—that made Gawker and its sites, as Thiel put it, ‘terrible for the Valley,'” Gawker writes.

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