Woman Berated By Louise Linton on Instagram Speaks Out: Her Response ‘Was Deplorable’


Social media recently lit up over the out-of-touch response Louise Linton, wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, gave to an Instagram user who criticized Linton for a picture she posted. The photo Linton and her husband departing a US government jet while taking a quick jaunt to Kentucky, leading Jennifer Miller to comment that she was glad “we could help pay” for Linton’s getaway. This caused Linton to lash out in probably the worst way possible, writing about how she and her husband had paid more taxes and made more sacrifices than Miller ever did.

With Linton now the target of tons of online outrage over her Marie Antoinette-ish comments, Miller was brought on to CNN this afternoon to tell her side of things. And she didn’t hold back.

Miller told host Pamela Brown that she was a “little bit amused and a little bit horrified” when she first saw Linton’s comment, but that she didn’t give it much thought until she began getting texts after it blew up on social media, leading her to reread the whole thing.

After Brown pointed out that Linton took the time to remark on Miller’s three kids, noting that it meant she took the time to visit Miller’s account, the CNN host asked Miller about Linton calling her “adorably out-of-touch.”

“Isn’t that ironic?” Miller observed. “Yeah. I find that to be probably the most out-of-touch statement of her whole response because I certainly am not the type of person who would try to display my wealth or brag about it in any way.”

She continued, “It is — it was deplorable, what she wrote in the first place, and then her response was even worse because if anyone’s out of touch, it’s certainly the person using taxpayer money to go on day trips to visit Fort Knox.”

Following Miller’s interview on CNN, Linton issued an apology, stating her Instagram post was “inappropriate and highly insensitive.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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