Yahoo! Launches Three New Blogs, Hires More Editorial Staff


Yahoo is making major moves to ramp up itsoriginal content: this morning, Yahoo launched three new blogs to spin off of  The Upshot. It’s a big move for the Upshot, which is only seven months old and helmed by Andrew Golis, formerly the deputy publisher of Talking Points Memo.

The three new blogs include The Cutline, a media blog run by Michael Calderone and Joe PompeoThe Lookout, a blog covering national affairs run by Zachary Roth, Brett Michael Dykes, and Liz Goodwin; and The Ticket, a political blog run by Holly Bailey and Rachel Rose Hartman.

The announcement on the Upshot says:

The Upshot has just given birth to triplets.

Since the site launched in July, we’ve hustled to pull together the most interesting and important news on three core beats: politics, national affairs and media. Our bloggers have broken news and analyzed big stories, pointed out to great stories by other publications, and done our best to offer you a comprehensive media diet.

And you’ve responded. Readers inside and outside of the Yahoo! network have read the site by the millions, shared our stories via email, Twitter and Facebook, and engaged with our bloggers.

So today, we’re launching three new sites dedicated specifically to the topics The Upshot was already covering.

In addition, Advertising Age has a lengthy piece out today about Yahoo’s growth — and struggles — which reveals that although Yahoo! has had layoffs recently on the tech side, they continue to bring in new editorial hires, including Deadspin founder & New York Contributing Editor Will Leitch, who will head up movie coverage. Yahoo also recently hired former Defamer editor Mark Lisanti to head up their entertainment coverage, as well as a number of other bloggers and reporters to fill out their yet-to-launch entertainment and finance blogs.

Although Yahoo is the web’s #1 most-trafficked news site, much of their content has long been syndicated from places like the Associated Press and Reuters.  With the launch of the Upshot and three sister blogs, as well as their growing stable of veteran reporters poached from other media organizations, Yahoo is clearly betting on original content as the key to their success strategy.

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