‘You Can’t Just Lie on TV’: Velshi/Ruhle Interview With Trump Supporter Goes Off the Rails


Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle had an intense face-off with Brad Thomas today when they discussed whether President Trump is improving the economy as much as he says.

The conversation began when Velshi and Ruhle noted a recent market downturn that coincides with the dissolution of the White House’s manufacturing council and rumors suggesting economic adviser Gary Cohn is about to step down. Thomas served on Trump’s advisory board, and he sassed the two MSNBC anchors by saying their program won’t show certain economic indicators about a long-term growth.

Velshi and Ruhle pushed back on Thomas while pointing to evidence suggesting that market gains are a continuation of growth trends which began under Barack Obama. Velshi eventually got fed up and asked “why do you continue to say” Trump is a great job creator when the data does not support that view.

The three of them continued to lock horns after Thomas accused the media of ignoring the indicators of Trump’s positive impact on the market. When they moved on to talk about infrastructure, Velshi and Ruhle also took issue when Thomas insinuated that they don’t know anything about infrastructure or investment banking.

“You can’t just lie on TV,” Velshi said. “I don’t know if your people told you who you were coming on TV with but you can’t lie about the economy to us.”

Velshi inevitably concluded that “this is a silly conversation to have” after Thomas took more digs at the media for supposedly ignoring Trump’s beneficial market effect.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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