Kyle Rittenhouse Rejects Podcast Host Praising His Killings: It’s ‘Nothing to Be Congratulated About’


Kyle Rittenhouse rejected a podcast host who praised his shooting of three men in a new interview, saying the killings were “nothing to be congratulated about.”

During a Monday interview on The Blaze podcast You Are Here, co-host Sydney Watson labeled the killings “kind of impressive,” adding, “of all the people that you shot at, you killed probably two of the worst on the planet.”

Rittenhouse shot three men, Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz, during the 2020 protests in Kenosha following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, and was acquitted last month on all charges related to the shootings.

Rittenhouse fatally shot Rosenbaum and Huber that night, and while he did not kill Grosskreutz, Grosskreutz has said he lost 90% of his right bicep.

“Congratulations,” Watson told Rittenhouse. “Good job, you.”

Rittenhouse responded by telling Watson that those killings are “nothing to be congratulated about,” admitting, “If I could go back, I wish I would never have had to take somebody’s life.”

“Hindsight being 20/20, probably not the best idea to go down there. Can’t change that, but I defended myself and that’s what happened,” Rittenhouse also told Watson and co-host Elijah Schaffer.

Rittenhouse went on to justify his actions, saying that “Everyone should be able to defend themselves,” adding that one’s right to self-defense is “God-given.”

“That’s what was on trial in Wisconsin, the right to self-defense,” he told the podcast hosts.

He made a similar statement shortly following the trial, asserting that “The jury reached the correct verdict,” and that “Self-defense is not illegal.”

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