Amal Clooney Slams Trump Administration Over UN Rape Resolution: ‘This is Your Nuremberg Moment’


Speaking to the United Nations’ Security Council, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney slammed the Trump administration for their threat to veto a resolution that condemned using rape as a weapon of war.

“This is your Nuremberg moment. Your chance to stand on the right side of history,” Clooney said, encouraging the passing of the resolution. “You owe it to the thousands of women and girls who must watch ISIS members shave off their beards and go back to their normal lives while they, the victims, never can.”

She also called out two members of the Trump administration by name for their comments on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and stance on rape victims — including Yazidi survivors raped by ISIS fighters — and their opportunities to report such crimes.

“This council can refer the situation to the International Criminal Court, as many Yazidi survivors have called for,” Clooney said. “Unfortunately, this seems increasingly unlikely. The United States government has recently said, through its national security adviser John Bolton and its Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the ICC is ‘dead to us.’ ”

In recent months, the Trump administration has opposed language perceived to support abortion, including mention of women’s sexual and reproductive health.

“They are threatening to use their veto over this agreed language on comprehensive healthcare services including sexual and reproductive health. The language is being maintained for the time being and we’ll see over the next 24 hours how the situation evolves,” Pramila Patten, the UN special representative on sexual violence in conflict told the Guardian about the US stance on Monday, when it was unclear if there would even be a vote.

The measure was ultimately adopted after Clooney’s comments, but only after stripping some of the key language and the actual mechanism that would allow rapes in conflict areas to be reported and monitored.

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