United Nations

Trump Nominates Ambassador to Canada Kelly Craft to Be UN Ambassador

UN Special Rapporteur Calls Trump ‘Worst Perpetrator’ of Fake News in America

Ex-Fox News Host Heather Nauert is Reportedly Trump’s Pick For UN Ambassador

Ivanka Trump Says She Will Not Be Nikki Haley’s Successor as UN Ambassador

Is Jared or Ivanka Going to Replace Nikki Haley at the U.N.? Here Are the Signs Pointing to Yes

Trump Administration: No More Visas for Same-Sex Partners of Foreign Diplomats

Trump on United Nations Speech: ‘They Weren’t Laughing at Me, They Were Laughing With Me’

WATCH LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds Press Conference

WATCH: President Trump Chairs United Nations Security Council Briefing

Brian Kilmeade Says Trump Didn’t Get Laughed at By United Nations: ‘Good, Unscripted Moment!’

Mika: ‘World Is Laughing’ at Trump and America ‘Has Become the Butt of a Big Joke’

Don Lemon on Trump Getting Laughed at During UN Speech: ‘Telling the Emperor He Has No Clothes’

Ralph Peters a Little ‘Relieved’ by Trump UN Speech: ‘Instead of Getting the Black Death We Just Got Influenza’

Trump Attacks Kavanaugh Accusers in Shocking Rant at UN: Second Accuser ‘Has Nothing,’ ‘Was Drunk’

Trump Blasts Iran in UN Speech: Iran’s Leaders Sow Chaos, Death, and Destruction

United Nations General Assembly Laughs at Trump For Boasting About His Own Accomplishments

WATCH LIVE: Trump Addresses United Nations General Assembly

Nikki Haley Announces Withdrawal From UN Human Rights Council: It’s a ‘Cesspool of Political Bias’

Nikki Haley Has an Impossible Tight-Rope to Walk if She Wants to One Day Become President

Nikki Haley Speaks on Syria Strikes: ‘The Time for Talk Ended Last Night’

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