Days After Election, Elizabeth Warren Said Millions Voted for Trump Not Because of Bigotry, But in Spite of Bigotry


Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has been very vocal about calling out Donald Trump‘s racism, but days after his election, she appeared to absolve millions of Trump voters who supported what she described as a bigoted campaign.

During an interview on The Rachel Maddow Show two days after the 2016 presidential election, Warren was absolutely unequivocal in assessing the appeal of Trump’s campaign. She told host Rachel Maddow that “[Trump’s] entire campaign was fueled on racism and bigotry, attacks on women, attacks on African-Americans, attacks on Latinos, attacks on Muslims, attacks on people who were disabled.”

She added that “Donald Trump brought a kind of bigotry to the fore that we`ve never seen so publicly in our politics, or at least not in a very, very, very long time.”

But later in the interview, after saying that Trump’s campaign was all about bigotry, Warren appeared to give a pass to millions who voted for it.

“You know, part of what happened on Tuesday is what Donald Trump offered up with this kind of toxic stew of bigotry, but there were millions of people across this country who voted for him not because of that bigotry, but in spite of that bigotry,” Warren said.

“There are millions of people across this country who voted for him because they are angry about what’s happening in this country,” Warren continued, and went on to add that “It is not working for them economically. It is not working for them politically.”

That sentiment has not aged well. The phrase “economic anxiety” has become a derisive euphemism for white resentment and racism, and study after study after study has shown that racial anxieties, not economic ones, were key to Trump’s success.

Warren is not the only in the Democratic field who has articulated this view. Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has consistently defended Trump voters, and cast Trump’s victory in economic terms. And recently, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg expressed a similar view while comparing Bernie Sanders’ supporters with Trump voters.

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