‘Beyond Grotesque!’ Fox News’ Will Cain Loses It After Biden Talks ‘Climate Crisis’ During Idalia Clean-up


Will Cain, co-host of Sunday’s Fox & Friends, absolutely lost it after playing a clip of President Joe Biden talking about the “climate crisis” during a visit to Hurricane Idalia-ravaged Florida.

“Nobody can deny the impact of climate crisis, at least nobody intelligent can deny the impact of the climate crisis anymore,” Biden said during a speech with heads of FEMA in front of the devastation.

Cain began, “We can get into the stats, we can actually talk about effects of natural disasters, their frequency and their severity, put it into historical context, and give you actual intelligence on whether or not this is increasing problem in the United States. But that’s not the point that I think is important to make many this moment,” he said, continuing:

I’m sick and tired of politicians standing on the graves of dead children in the case of school shootings or natural disasters where towns are burnt to the ground or destroyed by hurricanes and using it as a moment to ghoul and pimp for their politics. It is beyond grotesque to land into a disaster zone where people have been destroyed. And to say, “You know what should be the solution here? You know what the problem is? You haven’t given me enough power.”

Your climate science — no, your climate change Chicken Little has turned into a religion. It’s not to say there’s not science in some of these elements to discuss, but you turned it into a religion. And you’re the same people that can’t sound alarm in Lahaina, and you’re asking us to give you the power and money it turn over to you the global thermostat. I’m sorry but you don’t have the competency to run anything much less to stand in these moments of destruction and say the real problem is here you haven’t given me enough power.

Cain owns property on Maui and spent a lot time there before the devastating wildfires destroyed the town of Lahaina last month.  He helped raise more than $1 million for disaster relief in the aftermath, and slammed the federal government’s initial response to the tragedy.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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