Former Rep. Comstock Hits Back at Elizabeth Warren: Perhaps You were Getting a Beer and Missed Civility Class?


Former Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) defended herself after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) asked if she will register as a lobbyist after joining Baker Donelson’s Government Relations and Public Policy Group as a senior advisor.

“Will @BarbaraComstock register as a lobbyist, or bob & weave around the rules? My #EndCorruptionNow bill would make it illegal for her to take a lobbying job as a former Congresswoman,” Warren tweeted, sharing an article from The Hill about Comstock.

Comstock responded a few hours later: “Harvard IOP invited me to be a Fellow this semester to discuss civility in politics. Perhaps you were getting a beer and missed that class,” referring to Warren’s much-mocked line from her Instagram Live video.

Comstock lost her re-election bid during the 2018 midterms and has taken both gigs at Harvard and at the policy group.

“I am excited to join Baker Donelson and bring my decades of policy experience in the legislative, administrative, and private sector arenas, as well as a lifetime of relationships, to provide strategic guidance on building winning coalitions and strategies,” Comstock said in a statement to The Hill.

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