Inauguration 2021: Mediaite Investigates What Happens When There’s Nothing for Journalists to Cover


On the first day of President Joe Biden’s administration, Mediaite caught up with foreign journalists reporting from Washington D.C. to ask about their Inauguration Day plans now that there is nothing left to cover.

Mediaite’s videographer Travis Irvine was in an eerily empty D.C. on Wednesday, and spoke to several journalists about what they’re going to report on now that there isn’t much to cover.

“Have you ever seen D.C. this empty? Why do you think it’s so empty today?” Irvine asked six journalists covering Wednesday’s big event.

“I think people were urged to stay home, watch the whole thing virtually on their computers or on TV,” one German reporter said. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it as empty as this.”

“Yeah and today you can see that this is very empty, this is a very special and unusual ambiance too,” said a French reporter. “We got to find new ways to cover it too because there’s nobody in the city except you and me, except journalists.”

“Journalists, National Guard, and some squirrels on the streets,” he added later of who is left in D.C.

“It’s empty because I think that there is a lot of security and I don’t know if people are very happy at this time,” another reporter from France said.

A reporter from the Middle East noted that D.C. wasn’t actually empty on Inauguration Day, considering there were “5,000 National troops, which is historically, D.C. has not witnessed this on inauguration.”

“I remember on 9/11 the city was deserted, the city was evacuated, every road out of town was a one way road going out. When I finally was able to get into the city, maybe around 5:30, 6:00 that evening, the streets were empty, the town was a ghost town just like today,” recalled a Portuguese reporter. “With some armed vehicles on the street, on K street, and soldiers on the corners. I have never seen the city so empty since that day.”

“Being able to see that the Capitol, the political Capitol of the world is full of military forces and also police forces, that is unbelievable,” said a journalist from Mexico.

Watch the clips above, via videographer Travis Irvine.

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