Mexico Will Reportedly Deport 500 Migrants Who Attempted to Storm Border


Mexico is planning on deporting 500 migrants who attempted to storm the U.S. border earlier today, BBC reported on Sunday.

According to BBC:

The group were rounded up after trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” on Sunday, the [Mexican] ministry said in a statement.

Video footage shows dozens of people – including women and children – running towards the fence that separates the two countries near the city of Tijuana.

They were repelled by tear gas used by US border officers.

Mexico’s interior ministry said all those who were identified as having tried to cross would be deported immediately.

It added that “far from helping their objectives”, the migrants’ actions had violated the legal migration framework and could have led to a “serious incident”.

The incident at the US southern border comes just one day after President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that asylum seekers must remain in Mexico until their claims are processed in US courts.

There are also conflicting reports about whether or not the Trump administration reached a deal with the incoming Mexican government to allow the migrants to stay on the Mexican side until their cases can be heard.

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