Mike Bloomberg 2020 Ad Ridicules Trump’s Inaction on Rash of School Shootings

A new 2020 presidential campaign ad from billionaire Democratic candidate Mike Bloomberg calls out President Donald Trump for the school shootings that have happened in the United States since he took office.

Opening with clips of President Trump claiming that he’s “doing a lot on gun safety,” the commercial then lists “every school shooting since Trump took office” — 260, according to Bloomberg’s ad.

“Donald Trump says he wants gun safety. So why has he consistently sided with the NRA? So why did the NRA spend $30 million to elect him? So why do 21 kids get shot in America every day?” the ad questions, before ending with the logo for Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign.

Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts praised the commercial, while former NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch claimed most of the gun deaths are “driven by gang violence. Not sure how that is Trump’s fault.”

In another new ad, Bloomberg talks to the sister of a Sandy Hook shooting victim, before promising that he will ban “assault weapons” if elected president.

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