Ohio Senate Candidate Josh Mandel Falsely Claims Election Was Stolen From Trump


OH Sen candidate Josh Mandel

Josh Mandel, a pro-Trump Senate candidate in Ohio, falsely claimed on Sunday that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump.

Mandel’s remarks came during an event hosted by the Center for Christian Values in Westerville, where six Republicans vying to be the GOP’s Senate nominee met for the first time.

“You know Matt said he would’ve voted to certify the election,” Mandel said, referring to state Sen. Matt Dolan. “And I need to say something that I get attacked by the media for saying this, I get attacked by my opponents for saying this, but I believe it very strongly and so I want to say it up here: I believe the election was stolen from Donald J. Trump.”

(Numerous fact-checks have proven that the election was not, in fact, stolen, despite what Mandel, Trump and others may claim.)

During the panel, Mandel also asserted that “there’s no such thing as separation of church and state.”

The framers of the Constitution envisioned a country where in the classroom, kids would learn about God,” he said. “That in the classroom, kids would learn about good vs. evil, and that Judeo-Christian ethic separates itself from Islam and atheism and all these other belief sets on so many levels.”

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