Rolling Stone Reports That Neo-Nazi Marchers Declared They Were ‘All DeSantis Supporters,’ Leaves Out Important Follow-Up: ‘F*** Ron DeSantis’


A Rolling Stone article meant to highlight support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a neo-Nazi march in the Sunshine State has been debunked by video of the event.

In the misleading report, politics writer Peter Wade claims that “Some of the marchers individually expressed their distaste for Donald Trump, saying they prefer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.”

He continued:

When right-wing figure Laura Loomer appeared at the march, recording the Neo-Nazis with her cell phone, the crowd began to chant “faggot, faggot” in her direction. Loomer explained she was at the rally because she was getting her hair done nearby.

“We’re not voting Trump, Laura!” one marcher shouted at her. “We’re not voting for the right wing! It’s the kike wing.”

At this, another marcher shouted, ‘We’re all DeSantis supporters!’

But video of the event shared online makes it clear that the declaration was made in jest, and that the members of the hate group do not view DeSantis as a fellow traveler.

“Checked it out and the full quote from the sarcastic Nazi gives a very different impression,” noted The Messenger’s Marc Caputo who posted video of the whooping Neo-Nazi.

“We’re all DeSantis supporters!” he shouted before laughing heartily as a friend next to him yelled “We don’t vote kike-wing!”

The first then let on his true feelings about the GOP presidential hopeful. “Fuck Ron DeSantis! Ron DeSantis is a joke, Ron DeSantis is a joke,” he repeated.

Online, conservatives expressed outrage over Wade’s erroneous interpretation of the marchers’ views.

“Remember: Journos want Trump,” argued conservative blogger Jim Treacher.

“It’s 42 seconds into the clip and that clip was linked in the article, which means the author knew he was intentionally misleading his audience with that quote and did it anyways,” observed prominent conservative media watchdog AG Hamilton. “Zero standards.”

Despite widespread backlash to the misleading report, Rolling Stone has not yet issued a correction.

Watch above via Ford Fischer on X.

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